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$87 of free trial credit. No credit card required.

Simple app-centric pricing

Pay $0.03/GB-hr and let the platform provide everything your app needs to run. Scale out with app instances as your business needs grow. Expand your app with popular 3rd party services in a single click.

Free with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) customers can run apps on PCF in a datacenter, PCF on a public cloud, or on Pivotal Web Services with enterprise support. Run application instances anywhere with one contract. Learn more about Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Estimated monthly cost

Memory per App Instance

App Instances

$ /month

(+ third party services)

All these, all the time

Go beyond the basics of what other platforms offer with these free advanced services that automate your operations and keep your app running

  • HTTP Routing, Traffic and Load Balancing

  • App Instance Ephemeral Disk 1GB

  • Free Storage for Your Application Files

  • Bandwidth In and Out (up to 2TB)

  • Unified Log Streaming

  • Active Application Health Management

Frequently asked pricing questions

How much does PWS cost?

It depends how much memory you use a month. Pivotal Web Services charges $.03/GB-hour for memory usage. Specify your application instance memory size between 64MB and 2GB. It doesn't matter how many applications you run, you are charged for the amount of aggregate memory used across all your instances.

When will I receive my first bill?

One month after the day you enter a credit card and push an application and/or use a paid service. Your credit card is automatically charged seven days after each monthly bill is posted to the billing page. Also, usage charges are updated daily on the billing page so you can see how much your usage is costing as the month progresses.

What's included in my free trial?

Your $87 of free trial credit can be applied to a 2 GB quota org. This means your applications can utilize up to a total 2 GB of application memory. In addition, during the trial you have access to up to 10 application services from the free tier of the PWS Marketplace. Free trial credit expires in one year. To access more application memory and use larger services, upgrade to a paid plan.

What happens when I run out of free trial credit or my year is up?

Enter your credit card to upgrade to a paying account. This will keep your applications and services running. If you do nothing, your applications and any services you signed up for will be suspended. Don't worry, we'll remind you a lot when you start to get close to using up your time or credits.

What about 3rd Party Services?

Third party Services from the Marketplace are additional costs. It depends on the plan you choose. Many offer free plans. Charges for Services are computed by the 3rd party service and then included on the next monthly PWS bill. Browse through the Marketplace to get an idea of the different plans.

How do I pay? Is it pre-pay or consumption?

PWS accepts all major credit cards. Charges for memory usage and third party service plans (if you have any) are in US Dollars (USD) and are billed monthly.

If my application is running but idle (i.e. not serving requests), will I be charged?

Yes. Idle applications are charged the same as applications actively serving requests. Stop the app, lower the memory per app instance and/or lower the application's instances to adjust how much you are being charged. Add instances and memory later when you need to.

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$87 of free trial credit. No credit card required.