Pay for Apps, Not Infrastructure

$87 of free trial credit. No credit card required.

Simple app-centric pricing

Pay $0.03/GB-hr and let the platform provide everything your app needs to run. Scale out with app instances as your business needs grow. Expand your app with popular 3rd party services in a single click.

Free with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) customers can run apps on PCF in a datacenter, PCF on a public cloud, or on Pivotal Web Services with enterprise support. Run application instances anywhere with one contract. Learn more about Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Estimated monthly cost

Memory per App Instance

App Instances

$ /month

(+ third party services)

All these, all the time

Go beyond the basics of what other platforms offer with these free advanced services that automate your operations and keep your app running

  • HTTP Routing, Traffic and Load Balancing

  • App Instance Ephemeral Disk 1GB

  • Free Storage for Your Application Files

  • Bandwidth In and Out (up to 2TB)

  • Unified Log Streaming

  • Active Application Health Management

The Agile Platform for Agile Teams

$87 of free trial credit. No credit card required.